My work is the same as modern physics - even now, the theories of new modern physics are changing the world view of mankind. Likewise, I am trying to break from previous ideas. For instance, I have been continuously conducting experiments on light and glass to come up with new ideas. In this way, I hope to make a contribution to the world.

  I was a 20th century last boy from Korea. The 20th century from a Korean perspective can be termed as experiencing ‘rapid change’. The period of Japanese colonialism, the Korean War due to ideological differences, the dictatorial regime, the rapid industrialization at the expense of fathers, the Olympic Games, the economic crisis and long-term recessions. All this in addition to the fact that violence suffered by the hands of our fathers has been a seemingly hereditary issue within the homes of the last 20th century boys of the 1990s. I am the last generation of the 20th century, and I have a duty to cut off such wounds and evil habits – it is my mission as an artist. I hope to change the existing framework and customs – since ‘destruction’ also represents ‘violence’.

  I often compare violence to light. Light has lasted for hundreds of years with various metaphors such as Apollo, absolute, power, reason, justice, the Enlightenment, God, father. Likewise, I have compared light to pre-existing ideas. I am interested in portrayals of ‘Vertical strength’- the sprawling ambitions of the Rising Sun Flag, and ideas that absolute power cannot be disobeyed.

  Glass can distort light. I bend and distort light through glass with the motivation that through this, the light could scatter and become useful to people. I insist on using glass when distorting light. This is because I have been concentrating on coldworking, the process of polishing glasses – instead of hotworking. Scratches on the glass surface are inevitable during the polishing process. If the scratches on the surfaces of glass continue, it finally becomes transparent. This is why I insist on using glass. The pain of glass in the polishing process can be compared to the suffering of Jesus Christ in return for saving us. Violent lights are cleansed through the act of polishing glass, and finally transforms into useful light for someone to use.

  Light (Violent) -> Polished Glass (Sacrificed Jesus Christ) -> Light(Sanctified)

  The Crystal Light series has proven to be the most successful thus far in revealing my identity. The holes are dug in a shape of lens near the surface and light source in order to purify and disperse them. In addition, the ICE series shows my attitudes towards crafts. I purposely did not complete the polishing of the object. The result is that the glass surface is opaque, and has the effect of blocking light. Likewise, I can freely express myself through coldworking, depending on the results of the outputs.

  Coldworking is fairly crafty. The purpose of introducing a craft activity in my work is not only to oversee the completion of the output, but also to incorporate the contents into the act itself. I will continue to conduct various tests on materials on the basis of coldworking. Just as God saved mankind at the expense of Jesus, who resembled God himself, I hope to polish glass which I see as resembling myself, and purifying the light.